The IV AMMCS International Conference

Waterloo, Ontario, Canada | August 20-25, 2017

AMMSCS 2017 Plenary Talk

Learning from Elastic Network Models: From Proteins to Chromatin Dynamics

Ivet Bahar (University of Pittsburgh)

Elastic network models proved to be powerful tools for exploring the collective dynamics of biomolecular systems in the last two decades. Numerous examples demonstrate their applicability to a broad range of phenomena, from allosteric transitions, to modeling protein-substrate interactions key to regulation and signaling events, to supramolecular machinery. Recent advances in cryo-EM characterizaton of big structures as well as genome-scale identification of 3D contacts between gene loci now open the way to a new level of applications, including the exploration of the 3D structural dynamics of the chromosomes, with the help of elastic network models, further supporting their utility as a tool applicable across multiple scales, from molecules to genome-wide associations.
Distinguished Professor and John K. Vries Chair, Department of Computational and Systems Biology, School of Medicine (SOM), University of Pittsburgh (Pitt). Associate Director, University of Pittsburgh Drug Discovery Institute.